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Vail, CO plant delivery

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local plant delivery available!

Vail, CO plant shop
Beaver Creek plant deliveries

​We offer a wide and unique variety of house plants that are perfect to perk up your home or give as a gift. Our offerings vary based on availability but our boutique is always filled with a selection of potted plants, in a variety of sizes and price points, that thrive in our mountain environment. Below you will find a list of the common houseplants that we typically have in stock. Select from a traditional/rustic/modern container (ask about our selections) or leave the selection up to one of our designers. Pop into our boutique to see what is new and enhance your home with plant or order any sized or priced plant to be delivered as a gift. All of our plants come with a plant care tag to set you up for success!

Inquire within for custom orders. You are welcome to bring in your own container from home and we will help help you source a plant that will work beautifully.

plant subscriptions

the 3-month subscription

3 plants, delivered once a month for 3 months. Priced at $195

the 6-month subscription

6 plants, delivered once a month for 6 months. Priced at $390

the 1 year subscription

12 plants, delivered once a month for 1 year. Priced at $780


Plants can be picked up from our boutique or we can arrange a delivery. Free delivery is offered with all 6 month or 1 year subscriptions. Each delivery will be a surprise! 6" sized stunning container with a single green plant. Care tags will be provided.​ Plants and vessels will be different each delivery! Selections will be based on the season, availability and what inspires us! All selections will do well in our mountain environment. A schedule will be established upon the purchase of the subscription.​ We will do our best to accommodate special requests and are always willing to customize this program to any requested budget as well. Plant subscriptions are a great way to spruce up your home, treat yourself or send to a friend.

Edwards, CO plant shop
plant delivery edwards, CO

our favorite plants


Our plant selection is ever changing but we try our best to stock the following plants in our boutique. These plants should be available for pickup or delivery most days and make perfect gifts.

Plant deliveries edwards, CO


The Phalaenopsis orchid is a favorite with our customers. They are very classy and dramatic and ours are always dressed up in a nice pot and accented with decorative branches and moss. Every orchid lover has their own care tips for orchids and some may tell you to water using 2-3 ice cubes a week. This is a great tip but in our experience the ice can be too cold and shock the roots. (They are tropical!) It's easy to over water orchids, so water with just 1/4 of a cup of water once a week.

Edwards, CO plant delivery


Don't have a green thumb? Try a snake plant! They are super easy to care for because of their tolerance for low and high light and ease of watering. Also known as a mother in law tongue, they are a perfect plant for someone with minimal plant exerpience!


The zami zami plant (commonly called a ZZ plant) will always be one of our favorites! Their bright green, glossy leaves are vibrant and rich in color. Best of all, these plants grow great in low or bright light and do well with frequent or much less frequent water. How is that for low maintence?!

Plant deliveries edwards, CO


These trendy plants come in so many shapes, sizes and colors and usually have a personality of their own! Both varieties are easy to care for with following practices. You'll want to be sure both succulents and cacti are placed where they get bright sun each day and that they are never over watered. Both varieties are super cute on their own in a small pot, or is a larger sized mixed planter!

Plant deliveries edwards, CO
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