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What Does 'Seasonality' Mean at our Flower Shop?

Updated: May 28, 2019

Life is cyclical. There’s the life cycle, the holiday cycle, the metamorphosis cycle, all kinds of cycles. The seasons are probably the most visible of these cycles, their annual Ferris Wheel of whites to greens to golds to whites again carrying us through what we eat to what we wear to what we celebrate. For those of us who spend five days a week in our little flower shop in The Riverwalk at Edwards, there’s also a kind of seasonal cycle.

It’s more complicated than the expected “poinsettias and holly at Christmas” and “tulips and hyacinths at Easter.” While we do celebrate these expected seasonal traditions wholeheartedly, we also are thrilled to encounter the availability of the hidden splendors of non-holiday seasons. These range from the much showier peonies that bless us at the end of May, to the advent of festival bush in December, to the wheat celosia in mid-to-late summer, to the proud and celebratory Clooney ranunculus in late winter and early spring, to the mind-boggling anemonies that show up in the cool seasons, and to tall sprays of blooming branches that fill our buckets for several sweet weeks in March and April.

Opening our regular wholesaler’s shipment boxes of florals is always a frenzied celebration of sorts. It’s all hands on deck as we unpack box after box of flower bundles, greenery, branches, plants, the life and color and crinkle of tissue a flurry as it mixes with our exclamations over some particularly vibrant purple waxflower or the way the sweet perfume of the O’Hara garden roses seems to settle on us like a cloud. Clippers and snippers and scissors flying, we fill bucket after bucket with blooms and greens and each shipment differs slightly, as the seasons’ change brings us surprises to be savored.

Seasonality is also more than the types of blooms in our buckets. It’s what is on our shelves. Emily, our retail wizard, stocks our store with beautiful gifts, from candles to bath bombs, to showroom-worthy unique furniture. Every few months, the store is transformed – sometimes in small ways, sometimes with statement pieces – and our inventory changes places and is added to and subtracted from. Lately, with temps inching into the forties and sometimes fifties during the day in our valley and tales of spring skiing coming from adventures at Vail and Beaver Creek, our shop is shifting to spring. And with it, we’ve been receiving (with much elation from Melanie) a variety of small velvet-covered journals, in cobalt, blush, mint, and patterns. Our gold-rimmed marble coasters have been flying off the shelves, and our assorted budvases that hold single or multiple stems are popular spring housewarming gifts. Check out our recent post “Staff picks for the month” for more on our favorite items.