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Houseplants & Health

Updated: May 28, 2019

They're all over your Instagram feeds. They fill whole pages in home, design, and lifestyle magazines. It seems like they're everywhere these days. But why are houseplants so popular?

1. They're pretty.

Potted in anything from a hand-thrown ceramic vessel to a sustainable and stylish wax-coated paper vase or solid concrete planter, green growing things are fun to look at. The style of vessel, plant, and any decorations (sticks, pods, rocks, marbles, moss, etc.) can all contribute to the artistic value added when a plant is present in a space.

2. They promote mental health and wellness.

According to recent research, the presence of plants in workspaces and homes correlates with boosted mood, increased creativity and concentration, and agreeableness. Researchers suggest integrating plants into your home so that each direction you look, you can see one or two.

3. They clean the air.

Houseplants for a Healthy Home: 50 Indoor Plants to Help You Breathe Better, Sleep Better, and Feel Better All year Round, one of the books we carry at Vintage Magnolia, lists 30 houseplants that work directly to remove airborne toxins. Even more are listed that do everything from removing airborne mold and hydrocarbons and increasing indoor oxygen levels to treating respiratory conditions.

4. They have health-giving qualities.

The book above features plants which can be used to create tonics, poultices, and tinctures to treat skin irritations, burns, indigestion, headaches, and other conditions. Did you know that aloe, for example, is great for more than burns? It promotes healthy hair and oral hygiene as well, but also combats Type II diabetes. It's worthwhile to learn about the myriad possibilities for boosted physical health from the presence of houseplants.

There are a lot more reasons to grow plants indoors. Houseplants for a Healthy Home: 50 Indoor Plants to Help You Breathe Better, Sleep Better, and Feel Better All year Round is a beautiful and informative coffeetable book by Jon VanZile (Simon & Schuster, Inc, 2018).

Inside, you'll see a helpful reference section containing houseplant terminology, basic care tips, facts, and benefit descriptions. The book is organized A-to-Z by plant name and has an approachable, easy-to-read reference section complete with bullet points and cute illustrations.

In addition to carrying the book, Vintage Magnolia has also increased our houseplant inventory. We have a variety of succulents, terrariums, air plants and stands, cacti, bromeliads, and other plants for our customers to enjoy.

Come in, take a walk, and experience the boost in your mood from our plants!