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Calm Your Mind

We live in a world where it seems that every other minute, we’re hearing about results of studies indicating that such everyday, commonplace ingredients as parabens and sulfates have negative effects on our bodies. It can seem overwhelming and endlessly time-consuming to stock cupboard with face and skincare lines that do more good than harm to ourselves and our families.

We’re on a mission to be a bright source of inspiration in our community for thoughtfully-created and stocked goods that you can feel good about using. We support local companies when possible, and choose small-batch businesses over big-name corporations. 

Have you heard of facial steams? We are excited to be carrying The Good Hippie’s line of facial steams: Balance and Thrive.

Balance is crafted for normal/combination skin and is made of nourishing botanicals: calendula, lavender, chamomile, chrysanthemum, cornflower, and red clover. Thrive, on the other hand, is crafted for dry/mature skin and incorporates : sunflower, rose, nettle, hibiscus, jasmine, and immortelle flower. Both are packaged in alluring white tubs and would make ideal hostess gifts, birthday gits, or tokens of self-care. 

Incorporating sunflower, rose, nettle, hibiscus, jasmine, and immortelle flower botanicals, Thrive facial steams nourish and renew your face when used as part of a cleansing ritual.

The Good Hippie is a new brand we’re carrying, starting this spring 2019. It’s a small-batch company in Austin, and we love their standards. Their ingredients feature cold-pressed, organic botanical oils, raw, virgin, unrefined ingredients, organic herbs and flowers, therapeutic, natural salts, plant-based butters and waxes, steam-distilled essential oils and floral distillates, eco-friendly labels and packaging, and 100% vegan ingredients.

The Good Hippie advocates for the benefits to be gained by the ritual of steam, writing that, “(it) is profoundly tranquil; encouraging deep breath, relaxation of the facial muscles and a calming of the mind.”

What is calming to your mind?

Though there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to regaining and maintaining a sense of balance and perspective, rituals can provide a sense of stability and comfort. Small moments of peace can be cultivated, however, through practice, and ritual is a powerful tool to bolster its development. 

There’s something undeniably wonderful about ritual; in my case, making coffee with our Chemex, it’s about filling the kettle with filtered water, putting it on to boil, filling the Burr grinder’s hopper with beans and turning the dial to start the grinding process, rinsing the filter, pouring in the electrifyingly aromatic grounds, and pouring clean nearly-boiling water atop. It’s known, expected, as much a part of our day as putting on shoes in the morning.

As soothing as ritual can be, surprise can also instill a refreshing element to the day-to-day. I enjoy slipping a single ranunculas or peony stem into a bud vase for a natural and simple pop of aromatic brightness beside my bathroom sink or on our bedside table. It’s such a nice surprise in the morning, and I like to think sweet blooms lead to sweet dreams. 

No matter your preference for relaxation, we encourage you to reflect on those moments when you feel lightness and peace. If it’s a facial steam, a sweet budvase, a scented candle, a group of close friends and family around a dinner table made even more beautiful by a fresh centerpiece, we welcome you to contact us or check out our store. 

Because you're beautiful too.