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Autumn at Vintage Magnolia

Instagram feeds are blowing up with Pumpkin Spice Latte shots and pictures of cute leather boots kicking crisp fall leaves on sidewalks. There are the classic “under the tree shot” facing up through the branches at the brilliant blue sky, carved pumpkins on doorsteps with grapevine wreaths, and caramel corn clusters. Fall means digging out the knitted mittens and pulling on the wool socks in the evenings, replenishing the woodpile in preparation for winter, pairing oversized sweaters with scarves and knit wraps, going dark with the fingernail polish, and warm baked apple desserts of all kinds. 

For us in the flower shop, fall means that new product starts appearing in our coolers. Smokebush adds a burgundy dimension to arrangements, lotus pods and pheasant feathers look more at home, the hardy mum in gold and scarlet comes into play, seasonal roses, such as coffeebreak and orange crush arrives, and the whimsical nandina and sturdy magnolia tips arrive in bunches and bundles and boxes. 

We start using less pink and blue and more reds and oranges. We seek inspiration from the world outside, matching the season when possible, and this time of lush harvest is especially fulfilling for designers. 

In the fall, our holiday inventory is delivered, unpacked, tagged, and prepared for the sales floor. Caitlin and Emily went to market back in January, on the annual trade show pilgrimage for the gift and home furnishings to be stocked in our shop the next season. And boy are we excited by what’s being shipped to us! (Keep checking our blogs for a solid introduction to some of the things we’re most enthusiastic about.) 

Fall this year means our shop is getting a facelift. We’re freshening things up with a new shop layout, including the bold relocation of our “wedding room” to where the coolers previously lived. The wedding room is where Caitlin and the wedding sales team host meetings with clients, peek at our stock of urns, pedestals, vases, votives, candlesticks, and all the other items we use to decorate and design for spaces and events. The coolers are now lined up, separating a desk and work space from the sales floor and design table. JD is painting the space white to brighten it up, another change from the previously dusty blue walls, and the sales floor will feature a new layout as well. 

The planters out front have been cleaned out and are awaiting new product. Will it be pine boughs, rosemary topiaries, magnolia sprays, or something else? We’ll have to wait and see! 

Fall is a time for taking a collective deep breath in our community, as the shoulder season (the time between the summer sunshine and the winter ski season) means a gentle lull of the tourist flow to the Valley. It’s a wonderful time of year here, with weather swinging from the 70’s to the 10’s in the span of 24 hours, with snow sometimes gracing the high peaks while we walk in flip flops below. It’s maybe a time for vacation, or for going to visit family before the holiday boom, and it’s when the community takes advantage of many of the restaurants’ awesome off season deals. 

Here at Vintage Magnolia, fall is many things. From the change of product in our coolers to the seasonal shift of inventory on the sales floor, we take inspiration from the natural beauty surrounding us and the energy of anticipation in the air.