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Visit us in the Riverwalk at Edwards  

128 Main Street Unit C-3 Edwards, CO 81632

Serving the Vail/Beaver Creek area




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2 Reasons Why You Should Shop Local this Holiday Season

We consumers hear it all the time; shop local. But how much do we really know about why shopping locally is important? Let's dive in and check out why where you buy matters.

Vintage Magnolia is in the Riverwalk at Edwards, about 15 minutes from Vail.

1. You will have a better shopping experience.

We are not a website. We are real people. Who know the community. Who can give you advice about the good happy hours in the Riverwalk (The Rose, Main St. Grille, and etown), or where you can buy a new pair of boots (Ptarmigan), or the closest place for a light lunch (Hovey & Harrison, The Rose, The Bookworm Cafe), or how to get to the post office (across Hwy 6 using the crosswalks near the roundabout). We can tell you how much sunlight it will take for your succulent planter to flourish, and how frequently to water your fiddle-leaf fig in this dry climate. We can help you pick out a good housewarming gift or a gift to celebrate your niece getting a new job. We know about our products because individuals on our team directly choose the products, prioritizing well-made, ethical, and local products whenever possible. We will also do our best to answer your questions, get back to you if we don't know the answers, and carry products you like.

2. You keep our community strong & unique.

When you spend locally, more of your dollars stay in this community. That means that Vintage Magnolia can continue to pay a living wage and continue to be empowered to hire from the local community. As consumers, you nurture relationships that make shops like ours more than an establishment, instead keeping us a living, changing entity that can respond to the needs of the community. Local shops, such as flower shops, cafes, outdoor retailers, boutiques, clothing stores, art spaces, workout studios, movie theaters, and more that are found in the Riverwalk let residents of Edwards remain rooted in their community, rather than having to drive elsewhere. This means tax dollars that are collected in purchases remain here to improve the community and infrastructure.