our houseplant offerings

Dear succulents, I promise never to desert you.

We offer a wide and unique offering of house plants that are perfect to perk up your home or give as a gift. The below options all thrive in our mountain environment and are sure to make anyone happy! Select from a traditional/rustic/modern container (ask about our selections) or leave the selection up to one of our designers. Click on below photos for pricing and care instructions.


All options are available for pickup or local delivery, are subject to availability and may require up to a week's advance notice. We are also happy to source custom requests! Contact us at 970-926-5000 to place your order.


And don't miss our plant subscriptions...perfect for any plant lover....scroll to the bottom of this page for more...


Ficus Lyrata Bush or 'Fiddle Leaf Fig'
Ficus Lyrata Topiary or 'Fiddle Leaf Fig'
Aloe or 'Healing Plant'
Sansevieria or 'Snake Plant'
Calathea or 'Rattlesnake Plant'
Anthurium or 'Flaming Flamingo'
Split Leaf Philodendron or 'Monstera'
Heart Leaf Philodendron
White Double Phalaenopsis Orchid
Fuschia Double Phalaenopsis Orchid
Assorted Cacti Varieties
Fairy Castle Cactus or Similar
Euphorbia Ingen Cactus or Similar
Assorted Echeveria Succulent Rosettes
Assorted Succulent Varieties
Small Mixed Succulent Planter
Large Mixed Succulent Planter
Xerographica Airplant
Flowering Bromeliad


consider a plant subscription

3 plants, delivered once a month for 3 months. Priced at $135

4 plants, delivered every 6-7 weeks. Priced at $180


8 plants, delivered every 6-7 weeks. Priced at $350


Plants will be delivered free of charge or can be picked up from our boutique. 

Each delivery will be a surprise! Likely a 6" sized stunning container with a single green plant or mixed presentation. Care tags will be provided. 


Plants and vessels will be different each delivery! Selections will be based on the season, availability and what inspires us! All selections will do well in our mountain environment.


After your order is placed, the subscription will start the beginning of the following month. A schedule will be established upon the purchase of the subscription.

We will do our best to accommodate special requests. Plant subscriptions are a great way to spruce up your home, treat yourself or send to a friend.

the 3-month subscription

the 6-month subscription

the 12-month subscription

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Split Leaf Philodendron or 'Monstera'

6” including pot - $50 A very trendy, easy to care for houseplant! Grows best in bright, indirect sunlight. Allow the soil to dry between waterings. Fertilize every few weeks during the spring/summer.